Readings for Neurobiology of Animal Behavior

Thursday 1/22

Kandel, E.R., 2001. Nobel Lecture: the molecular biology of memory storage: a dialog between genes and synapses. PDF VIDEO NOTE: Please read pages 392 - 403; 430-432, you can skip/skim the rest

Brenner, S., 2003. Nobel lecture: nature's gift to science.  PDF VIDEO

Von Frisch, K., 1967. The dance language and orientation of bees. Chapter 1. PDF

Benzer, S., 1971. From the gene to behavior. Jama218(7), pp.1015-1022. PDF

Tuesday 1/29

Nottebohm, F., 1970. Ontogeny of bird song. Science167(3920), pp.950-956. PDF

Thursday 1/31

Dave, A.S. and Margoliash, D., 2000. Song replay during sleep and computational rules for sensorimotor vocal learning. Science290(5492), pp.812-816. PDF

Tuesday 2/5

Ölveczky, B.P., Andalman, A.S. and Fee, M.S., 2005. Vocal experimentation in the juvenile songbird requires a basal ganglia circuit. PLoS biology3(5), p.e153. WEB

Thursday 2/7

Andalman, A.S. and Fee, M.S., 2009. A basal ganglia-forebrain circuit in the songbird biases motor output to avoid vocal errors. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences106(30), pp.12518-12523. PDF

Tuesday 2/12

Gadagkar, V., Puzerey, P.A., Chen, R., Baird-Daniel, E., Farhang, A.R. and Goldberg, J.H., 2016. Dopamine neurons encode performance error in singing birds. Science354(6317), pp.1278-1282. WEB

Thursday 2/14

Schultz, W., Dayan, P. and Montague, P.R., 1997. A neural substrate of prediction and reward. Science275(5306), pp.1593-1599. PDF

Tuesday 2/19

No Class. University is on a Monday schedule.

Thursday 2/21

Foster, D.J. and Wilson, M.A., 2006. Reverse replay of behavioural sequences in hippocampal place cells during the awake state. Nature440(7084), p.680. PDF

Tuesday 2/26

Tolman, E.C., 1948. Cognitive maps in rats and men. Psychological review55(4), p.189. PDF

Thursday 2/28

Dusek, J.A. and Eichenbaum, H., 1997. The hippocampus and memory for orderly stimulus relations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences94(13), pp.7109-7114. PDF

Tuesday 3/5

Daw, N.D., 2012. Model-based reinforcement learning as cognitive search: neurocomputational theories. Cognitive search: Evolution, algorithms and the brain, pp.195-208. PDF

Thursday 3/7

Stella, F., Baracskay, P., O’Neill, J. and Csicsvari, J., 2019. Hippocampal Reactivation of Random Trajectories Resembling Brownian Diffusion. Neuron. WEB

Thursday 3/21

Sherry, D.F. and Vaccarino, A.L., 1989. Hippocampus and memory for food caches in black-capped chickadees. Behavioral Neuroscience, 103(2), p.308. PDF

Tuesday 3/26

Amodio, P., Boeckle, M., Schnell, A.K., Ostojić, L., Fiorito, G. and Clayton, N.S., 2018. Grow Smart and Die Young: Why Did Cephalopods Evolve Intelligence? Trends in Ecology & Evolution. WEB

Thursday 3/28

Edsinger, E. and Dölen, G., 2018. A conserved role for serotonergic neurotransmission in mediating social behavior in octopus. Current Biology28(19), pp.3136-3142. PDF

Tuesday 4/2

Carroll, S.B., 2005. Evolution at two levels: on genes and form. PLoS biology3(7), p.e245. WEB

Thursday 4/4

Trut, L., Oskina, I. and Kharlamova, A., 2009. Animal evolution during domestication: the domesticated fox as a model. Bioessays31(3), pp.349-360. PDF

Tuesday 4/9

Emery, N.J. and Clayton, N.S., 2004. The mentality of crows: convergent evolution of intelligence in corvids and apes. science306(5703), pp.1903-1907. WEB

Thursday 4/11

Veit, L. and Nieder, A., 2013. Abstract rule neurons in the endbrain support intelligent behaviour in corvid songbirds. Nature communications4, p.2878. WEB

Tuesday 4/16

Shepard, R.N. and Metzler, J., 1971. Mental rotation of three-dimensional objects. Science, 171(3972), pp.701-703. PDF

Thursday 4/18

Duvelle, É., Grieves, R.M., Hok, V., Poucet, B., Arleo, A., Jeffery, K.J. and Save, E., 2019. Insensitivity of place cells to the value of spatial goals in a two-choice flexible navigation task. Journal of Neuroscience39(13), pp.2522-2541. WEB

Tuesday 4/23

Georgopoulos, A.P., Lurito, J.T., Petrides, M., Schwartz, A.B. and Massey, J.T., 1989. Mental rotation of the neuronal population vector. Science, 243(4888), pp.234-236. PDF


Collins D.P. and Anastasiades. P.G. 2019. Cellular Specificity of Cortico-Thalamic Loops for Motor Planning. Journal of Neuroscience 39 (14) 2577-2580; WEB 

Thursday 4/25

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Thursday 5/2

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